National Milk Chocolate Day 28th July 2018.

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Find Out about Milk Chocolate

28th July, 2018 - National Milk Chocolate Day



Wait! There’s a national milk chocolate day! Sounds like my kind of day!


National milk chocolate day was started by the National Confectioners Association and celebrates chocolate that contains some form of milk mixed into it - whether that be powdered, liquid or condensed.

Milk chocolate was invented by Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter born on March 9th 1836, who lived his early life in the town of Vevey on the north shore of Lake Geneva. Originally a candle maker Daniel Peter invented the process of making milk chocolate in 1857 and with the help of Henri Nesté (a name I’m sure we are all familiar with today) he introduced this marvellous discovery to the world. Together they went on to form the Nesté Company now a household name.


There’s surely only one way to celebrate such a scrumptious invention, enjoy it!!!! Here at The Unique Gift Store we’re all about milk chocolate with the majority of our chocolate bars being made of milk chocolate. A personal favourite product to feast my eyes on is our jaw dropping Extra Large Chocolate Hamper. This Hamper is a chocolate lovers dream come true and the perfect celebrate of milk chocolate and all the different brands and varieties of milk chocolate that are now available. It would be the perfect hamper to enjoy with friends and family.

Our extra large Chocolate bouquet is also a fun explosion of milk chocolate and a great way too celebrate a variety of occasion including of course national milk chocolate day! This bouquet is one of our top sellers and packs a real punch with something for everyone.



I think national milk chocolate day definitely classes as an emergency! If you agree then this delicious Belgium fine milk chocolate bar is the perfect way to celebrate. The perfect size to satisfy that chocolate craving.


So sit back, relax, treat yourself and join us in munching on some milk chocolate to celebrate. After all for me it’s milk chocolate day everyday!


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