New Range - Candle Bouquets

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Discover our unique range of Candle gifts.

NEW RANGE - Candle Bouquets


If your anything like me then the perfect evening in involves chocolate, relaxation and a good TV series. As for the latter, well, we’ll leave that to Netflix to sort. For the chocolate and relaxation however our new candle bouquet range fits the bill perfectly. There’s no better way to kick back and relax than with the warm flicker and soothing aroma of a scented candle.


Unbelievably candles have been used for over 5,000 years and their origin is often attributed to the ancient Egyptians who used torches made of reeds, coated in animal fat. We’ve come along way from these early torches to create the candles we know and love today, mainly thanks to the development of paraffin wax in the 1850s. Unfortunately, the invention of the light bulb in 1879 led to a decline in the demand for candles. The 20th Century however bought a resurgence in the interest for candles as scented candles and candles for gifting and home began to emerge on the market.


We currently stock two different brands of scented candle, all of which have been throughly sniff tested to ensure you only receive the best fragrances the candle world has to offer.


The Country Candle Company based in Wiltshire creates some absolutely divine fragrances. My personal favourite flavour is the ‘Prosecco Sparkler’, a delicate yet delightful fragrance with a cheeky cocktail suggestion on the back. The candle features in our extremely popular Prosecco Sparkler Chocolate Bouquet ( A wonder gift to show your love for that special someone and why not add a bottle of real Prosecco to make this a celebration of all things sparkling.


I’m also in love with the ‘Seashore’ scent, which transports me straight back to a summers afternoon lounging at the seaside. This fits perfectly in our Ferrero Rocher, Guylian and Seashore Candle Bouquet (, all arrange in a cream pot to remind you of a sandy beach. All you need now is some fish and chips!


The Seriously Scented candles are, well, seriously scented and feature the most gorgeous designs. I just adore the grateful little bear that features on the ‘Thank You’ candle and sit right in the middle of our delightful Thank You Candle Gift Bouquet ( The perfect gift to show your gratitude.


Show your appreciation for candles and explore our full range of candle bouquets! Can you candle our new range?


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