• Stuffed Balloons
    <p>Stuffed Balloons<br />Gifts inside Stuffed Balloons<br />Huge selection of stuffed balloons available to buy now on line. <br />Sent direct by post. <br />Uk mainland delivery. Next Day Delivery is available and Pre-Ordering.<br /><br />Gifts inside balloons or stuffed balloons as they are known, are a great and unique way of sending a present. Fantastic for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Children's Parties, Gifts for new babies. We have a huge selection of stuffed balloons to choose from including teddies inside balloons, to wild life soft toy and many more.<br /><br />We only use high quality 18 inch latex balloons and add balloon shine for that extra sparkle and to help your balloon last longer, depending on the room temperature our balloons can last up to 3 weeks but in cold weather or warm weather this life span will be shorter.<br />Please note that balloons are perishable. There is a selection of patterns and greetings that you can choose from on outside of the balloon. Smaller balloons can be added to the larger balloon but please note in cold weather conditions this option is not available as the smaller balloons react to the cold.<br /><br />Our balloons come decorated with a bows and ribbons and then placed in a beautiful specially designed presentation box that will be decorated with an additional bow and curly ribbons, they give your gift the wow factor and help to add protection to your balloon in transit. We can include your own personal message inside the balloon to create that special personal touch. Balloons can be sent directly to the recipient, just fill in their address and details upon checkout.<br /><br />Pre ordering - Your can pre-order your balloon for delivery on a future date, just fill in the details at the checkout. We will make up your balloon fresh on the day of despatch, to ensure the balloon arrives as fresh as possible. (Please note that the small balloons placed inside the large balloon will not last as long as the big balloon).<br /><br />Stuffed Balloons<br />How do we get the teddy inside the balloon?<br />We have a special machine that allows us to inflate the balloon and hold it open wide enough for us to put the teddy inside.<br /><br />Sending a stuffed balloon by post is quick easy and a lot of fun.</p>
  • Helium Balloons
    <p>A brilliant way to send a greeting to somebody is through a balloon in a box. Balloons sent by post are a fun and easy way to bring a big smile. We have a good and varying range of helium balloons from Happy Birthday to Get Well, New Baby Balloons and even Sorry Balloons. Your balloon will arrive in a box with a jazzy stars and swirls design on the outside. The balloon is filled with helium with a balloon weight attached to the bottom of a ribbon, extra curly ribbons are added to the main ribbon then the balloon is placed in a tissue lined box and sealed. When the recipient opens the box the balloon will gently float out making a great surprise gift. All our helium balloons are 18 inch foil balloons. We can add your own special message to one of our free gift tags and include it with your balloon. If you would like to include a message leave your message in the 'message box' at the checkout. You can also send a Me to You Bear along side your helium balloon. Your bear will arrive in the box with your helium balloon. We have put a selection of Me to You bear beside each helium balloon that will suit that occasion. Just click on the drop down menu and choose your bear or we have a wider selection of Me to You bears in our Me to You Bears section that you can choose from.</p>
  • Balloons On A Sticks
    <p>Foil Balloon On A Stick</p> <p>Welcome to our range of mini foil balloons on a stick.  These air filled 9 inch foil balloons come on a stick and inflated, perfect for gifting, parties or adding to our chocolate bouquets and gifts.</p> <p>We have balloons on sticks for birthdays, get well, thank you, graduation, new baby, congratulations and many more occasions as well as the cute themed balloons for children.</p> <p>By default if you select and balloon on a stick and one of our sweet or chocolate bouquets we will add the balloon to the gift unless instructions are left for us not to.</p> <p>Next Day deliver is available.</p> <p></p>
  • Personalised Gifts
    <p>Unique Personalised Gifts. Personalised Gifts and Unusual Gifts. We have a large range of personalised gifts, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new baby gifts, weddings and much more. Personalised gifts By creating something that is uniquely personal you can make a real statement about how much someone means to you, as well as give them something that they'll really treasure. Personalised Gift Ideas. We have put together a fantastic range of imaginative personalised gift ideas. You are sure to find that special gift, in our ever increasing personalised gifts section. We have personalised engraved gifts, personalised ceramic gifts, personalised glass gifts, personalised embroidered gift to name but a few. The more details section of all our personalised gift has the lead times and delivery options available for that gift.</p>
  • Gifts For The Home.
  • Greetings Cards
    <p>We have put together a large selection of Greetings Cards to suit many occasions.</p>
  • Teddies
    <p>Discover a world of new pals our soft toys range is stocked with lots of loveable and well know brands from Keel toys to Tatty Teddy and many more.</p>
  • Small Gift Ideas.
    <p>Small Gift Ideas. Choose from a selection of exciting and unusual small gift ideas, perfect for when you just want to send a 'bit of something'. All our token gifts can have a free personal message included with them. Why not send one of our delicious chocolate greetings cards, we have chocolate cards available to suit all occasions. Our Choc on Choc gifts are always a popular choice, which the recipient will love. We are continually adding new an exciting ranges, to bring you a unique choice of gifts to suit all budgets.</p>
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