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Greetings Cards

We have put together a large selection of Greetings Cards to suit many occasions.

Greetings Cards

Greetings Cards


  • Someone Special Cards
    Someone Special Card. Send one of our Someone Special greetings cards, to let them know just how much they mean.
  • Happy Birthday Cards
    Birthday Greetings Cards. Birthdays! They happen just once a year, so make them count!
  • From All of Us
    From All Of Us cards are perfect for when you want to send a card from a group of people. We offer a large From all of Us card, which is perfect for everyone to sign, before giving the card to the recipient. A greetings are is always a special way to mark an event, which shows care and attention has been but into choosing for the special person.
  • Get Well Cards
    Think of all the positives to being a bit ill, is brilliant. Not only do you get ages off work but you get loads of presents, an almost unlimited supply of grapes and a free pass to lounge around all day doing whatever you like (as long as it involves lounging). If you know one of these lucky people then a Get Well Card is exactly what you need to send them.
  • Leaving To Have A Baby
    Leaving to Have a Baby. Perfect for a maternity leave, these greetings cards can have your message added, if required.
  • Thank You Cards
    A selection of Thank You cards. Everyone likes to be thanked. Someone has obviously done something or said something nice! When it comes to saying thank you, we have a range of greetings cards with a variety of different styles and designs all which manage to say thank you in just the right way.
  • New Job Cards
    Greetings Card For A New Job. Send heartfelt congratulations to someone who has got a new job. Everyone’s excited at the prospect of a new job and what better way of sending your congratulations than with a card. We have a large new job card, which is ideal for a workplace group to sign.
  • Leaving Cards
    Leaving Cards. We have put together a selection of leaving cards, ideal to send a colleague, friends or acquaintance who are moving away. We can include your personal message if required.
  • With Love Cards
    There's no better way to convey that very special feeling for a loved one than with a 'with love' card. Reach out and express your feelings to your sweetheart, first love, true love, online love or someone close to your heart with a carefully chosen card. There is nothing quite like a greetings card to make someone feel special and adored.
  • Open Cards
    Greetings Cards - Blank Open Cards. This selection of greetings cards do not have any message inside, they are blank and ready for your own personal message to be added.
  • Congratulations Cards
    Congratulations Card. Looking for a Congratulations Card? Choose from our range of congratulations cards, all delivered within the UK.
  • Special Friend Cards
    Friend Greetings Card. A friend is probably the most important person in your life along with family and relatives. They will always lend a hand when you need a bit of help. They will always encourage you and cheer you when you think there is no way out from a tough situation. That is why you need to take good care of your friends and remind them of how much they are loved and treasured. The perfect way is with a Friends Greetings Card.
  • Humorous Cards
    Everyone one enjoys a good giggle. We have a selection of funny cards which are suitable for many occasions. The thing about funny greeting cards is that you're probably sending it to someone who you know well and you know exactly which type of humorous cards they will like. Make sending a card both personal and showing that a lot of thought has gone into choosing their card.
  • New Baby
    New baby cards. What could ever be more joyful than celebrating the arrival of a new Baby? For every new Mum and Dad, a baby represents a life changing moment and a greetings card is a wonderful way to mark that moment. A lot of parents save all the new arrival cards as keepsakes. Simply send it direct to the recipients or have it sent to you if you want to deliver it by hand. We have a lovely selection for for baby girls and for baby boys, as well as a selection that are suitable for maternity leave.
  • Just For You
    Just for You cards are for when you want to send a greetings card which is personal and special. We have a selection of cards most of which are blank inside to allow you to include your own special message. You can have your chosen Just For You card sent directly to the special person or we can post it out to you for you to hand delivery yourself.
  • Love You Card.
    Love & Romance Greetings Cards. Let your loved one know how much they mean by sending them one of our gorgeous greetings cards.
  • Wedding Cards.
    Wedding Cards. A selection of Wedding Cards featuring the adorable Tatty Teddy.
  • Just to Say Cards.
    Just to You Greetings Cards. When you just want to let somebody know, you are thinking of them or to say thank you, a Just for You card is perfect.
  • Anniversary Greetings Card.
    Me to You Anniversary Greetings Cards. Select an Anniversary card from our gorgeous range of Me to You bear cards and we can if you would like include your personal message and send the card directly to the happy couple.
  • 18th and 21st Cards.
    18th & 21st Greetings Cards. A special birthday has to have a special greetings card. Send an 18th or 21st birthday card today, we can include your personal message inside the card and sending directly to the recipients address.
  • Engagement Greetings Card.
    Engagement Greetings Cards. We stock Me to You greetings cards, to send with our gifts or on their own to the new engaged couple.
  • Chocolate Greetings Cards.
    Chocolate Greetings Cards..... Yes you hear it right! A greetings card made from chocolate with amazing designs A Card you can eat! These chocolate cards don’t just tell your recipient what you want to say – they are also a tasty sweet treat that they can enjoy. Each card is made from top quality Belgian chocolate 80g, the image on the card is full edible and printed directly onto the chocolate. The cards don't just look good – they genuinely taste fantastic, even to the most discerning chocoholic. We offer FREE Delivery on chocolate cards by 1st class post.

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